Saturday, March 29, 2008

Black Widow Spider

Click on image to enlarge! Great composition :)

Name: Broodles (I don't know why, couldn't think of a name)

This picture was taken before she became my pet! No intentions of keeping the spiderlings with their mother because the tank for Broodles is not air tight. Therefore they are kept in another container. I wonder if I'll see hundreds of baby redbacks in the near future.

Not that I'm evil or anything, but it'll be great to witness the nature of spiders. I heard they are borned defenders. They run for their lives or attack/eat to stay alive as soon as they are born.



Gazard said...

What a hobby, you keep black widow spider that has venom? What if she bite?

MiccObaYb said...

I make sure I don't get bite. They are not attackers unless they feel threatened. Using a stick to transfer her from the backyard to my tank was an easy task. She feigned death and submitted.

Spiders aren't like snakes where you can remove their fangs or "de-venom" it. Besides, there is antivenom available for Red back spiders. ^^

Amei79 said...

Wow, cool, keep this dangerous spider as pet? u r a bravor!!!