Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mercury,Venus,Neptune and the Moon

This is visible to the Southern Hemisphere, 6am (+9.30 Time Zone) for 30 minutes.

It is rather difficult to identify which or what direction should you be looking at since the moon is only 1% visible crescent.

However, there is NO WAY you can miss Venus as she is the brightest darling in the sky (also known as the morning star and evening star).

Although I'm in South Australia, Adelaide right now, I saw Venus in the early mornings 5.30am (+8 Time Zone) of Malaysia (which is NOT located in the southern hemisphere).

Guide to Sky Watch (Southern Hemisphere)

Results may differ in other time zones.


beto said...

there was this one time when i saw venus, mars, and so many stars in the sky. i was in a desert in argentina, called atacama.

i never saw such a beautiful sky again. i took some pictures, too.

oh, and welcome back, pretty girl. :)

MiccObaYb said...

Hi there loyal reader :)
Where abouts are you in the world? It'd be great to sky watch in the desert. That's one place I'd want to go in the future. In fact I'd want to go to every country's planetarium if I may.

beto said...

i'm in brazil. but i travel a lot. i was in london last month, and i'm going to ilaty in a couple of weeks.

you would absolutely love to watch the sky in the desert. it's so beautiful that it looks almost unreal. like a painting.

and how was chinese new year? did you take pictures?

MiccObaYb said...

That's awesome :) Which part of the world have you not been?

I guess it's better not to experience the desert night sky if I truly want to appreciate my daily night sky!

Chinese New Year was great. I did take some pictures but I didn't post them :) Might do them soon but prolly not on blog but on facebook gallery.

beto said...

the only continents i've never been to are asia and australia.

but i hope i get to travel there sometime. in the meanwhile, i can get to know australia and malaysia through your pictures. :)