Thursday, May 1, 2008

How to: Tamago Sushi

How to make Tamago Sushi
(image available)

Mix or beat enough amount of eggs (depending on the non-stick pan diameter size, estimate the amount of egg needed for the thickness).
  1. Pour a layer of egg, wait until it's mostly cooked on the underside, roll the egg according to picture shown.
  2. Pour another equal layer of egg, repeat No.1, then roll the first rolled egg on top of the new layer. (Make sure the second layer is NOT fully cooked before you roll!)
  3. Repeat motion No.2 until thickness is 2cm.
  4. Slice the sides of the cooked omelette, then slice the omelette to your desired thickness for sushi making.
Note: The width of the egg is shown in the picture below. 2 cm wide.

These are made by Eun Ji, my housemate!

Have Fun!

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