Monday, May 19, 2008

Mini Plant Pet


It's too cute to ignore... *heehee*

It is easy to make these for Valentine's, Anniversaries, Birthdays or other special events.
I shall suggest making this for my next charity sale item for fund raising to my mummy!

It takes some effort in finding the resources. I am pretty sure anyone can find these if they really put their heads in to it.

  1. Mini Bottle!
  2. Plant Gel
  3. Plant or seed.
  4. Hook screw/Jewelry Making hooks (looks like question marks).
  5. Ready made string (like the ones for phone)
I suggest to find No. 4 & 5 from bead or jewelry making shops.

If you are really NOT in to D.I.Y., shop for the cutest pet plants via the following links!

China (wholesale)
Alibaba (it's like Amazon!)

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