Monday, November 17, 2008

Adelaide Sunday Mail

Adelaide's Sunday Mail

Me, Curtis and Tim in Sunday Mail
People here can't spell.
Most can't tell the difference between 'Your', 'You're' and
'There', 'Their', They're.

When they asks for my name,
they'd expect me to say something like "Ching chuung tei",
but instead I say "Elaine" and spells it out for them...
I must have been saying "Ken euu sipella?"
My name is now Eleanie Tan.

Venue: North Adelaide


tbone said...



How does it feel to be famous?

beto said...

nice to meet you, eleanie.

hisyam said...

i say sue them!! haha

MiccObaYb said...

tbone: I was at page 106 of the paper..haha! It is the part where the journalists have nothing ELSE to write about! Stack the paper with PICS of losers!

beto: nice to meet you too, beto :) haha!

syam: I shall recommend you this site :) ( haha!