Saturday, November 15, 2008

Beached As!

Stella Artois coasters are great headphones!
The room was so crowded I had to find my own spot to dance.
Between the drum sets and the window.
Me DJ-ing the drums

Adelaide is unique.
Throughout these few years in Adelaide, a girl would dress up,
go to pubs/clubs, and then go home...normal yea?

Today however, I was not dressed to go clubs so wore my new Beached As baby-T and had atleast 6 guys and girls walk up to me saying...

Human 1: "D'you want a chup brou?"
Me: Can't chuuu brou! Got 'ne Pleenkt'n?

Human 2: Beaached aess!!
Me: LoL~

Human 3: Aww shiut! You're Beeeached aess!
Me: Tell me s'thing I doun't knuw!

The others just said "Awesome shirt!!"

Watch video here if you don't get it!

Venue: The Archer Hotel


hisyam said...

haha so much attention!

MiccObaYb said...

syam: For the first time in my life haha! It's really straight forward though. Wasn't picking up or anything. Just say what they wanna say and then walk different ways lol!